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Cruise Ship Add-ons

Cruise Ship Add-ons

Once you receive your booking ID number, about 4-6 weeks prior to sailing, you may book special drink, internet, or shore excursion packages to enhance your cruise experience.

Beverage Packages

Quench your thirst onboard with a beverage package that gets you the best value on your favorite drinks, from Coca-Cola® to fine wine, premium and frozen cocktails to a full selection of beers, fruit juices to Evian® water. Purchase onboard or pre-reserve before you set sail.

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Internet Packages

This is instantly streaming, sharing on the fly, high speed internet. Enjoy all your favorite movies and shows on Netflix, and stream your favorite playlist on Spotify. Share every unforgettable moment of your vacation on Facebook and Instagram.

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Shore Excursions

When you receive your booking ID 4-6 weeks before sailing, you can log-in to Royal Caribbean to explore and book many ways to relax or go on a unique adventure in Costa Maya and Cozumel!

Mon. - Fri. 8am - 5pm CST

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