Packers Legends Cruise


Sales and Booking FAQs

What is included in the price of the cruise?

What is not included in the price of the cruise?

Is payment in full required at time of booking?

How do I make a reservation?

How do I make changes to my existing reservation?

What are the terms and conditions for the cruise?

What information will I need to book my cabin?

Is a passport required?

How can I purchase travel insurance?

Do you offer Discounts?

Who may sail?

Do you offer travel agency commissions?

Why is the Packers Legends Cruise more expensive than a regular cruise?

When and how will I receive my stateroom assignment and cruise documentation?

How do I book shore excursions?

Is the Packers Legends Cruise a Full Ship Charter?

Does the event support any non-profit charities?

Who is Leadership League?

Legends Programming FAQs

Will there be current Packers players on the ship?

How many players will be on board?

Will I get to meet the players?

Will I be able to get autographs from the players?

Why should I consider adding an Experience Add-on item to my package?

Ship FAQs

What ship are we sailing on?

How many passengers does the ship hold?

How big is the ship?

What are the dining options onboard?

Do I need to tip the cruise staff at the end of the cruise?

How do I make purchases onboard?

What is the bed configuration in staterooms?

Can I reserve a wheelchair?

What types of accessibility options are available in staterooms?

Can the ship accommodate special dietary needs?

Will I need immunizations?

What about the Zika Virus?

Will I get seasick?

Is there a medical staff on board?

What about my medications?

What do I do with my valuables?

Where is the lost and found?

What about electrical items?

What do I need to do if I would like to make the medical staff on board aware of a medical need I have?

Is there support for dialysis on the ship?

What is the Smoking Policy onboard?

Is there internet onboard?

Will my cell phone work while at sea or in ports of call during the cruise?

What cruise port will we sail from?

What are the closest airports to the cruise port?

What time should I arrive at the pier?

How early can I board the ship?

What is the address for the Port of Fort Lauderdale?

Is there parking at the Port?

What is the customs procedure upon returning to the Port of Fort Lauderdale?

What time will the ship return to the port?

Will I need to attach luggage tags to my luggage?

Mon. - Fri. 8am - 5pm CST

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